8 Marzpetuni str.,
Garni village, Kotayk region, Armenia
+374 96 060470, +374 91 202757


There is a spacious restaurant on the area of “GarniToun”, designed to accommodate 150 dining seats, thus allowing to welcome not just individual guests and tourist groups, but also to organize events of any scale out of town.

Even the most hard-to-please customers will be delighted by the finest dishes of Armenian, Caucasian and European cuisine, as well as special dishes by our chef de cuisine.

The stage and professional equipment provide conditions for organizing dances, corporative events, show programs and use our restaurant complex for weddings and celebrations.

In the courtyard of the complex there is a bakery (tonratun) with amazing Armenian flavor, with a genuine tandoor, where our bakers bake the whole bread and lavash for the restaurant.

Here you can enjoy the delicious dishes from our kitchen, see the entire process of baking bread and lavash, at the same time having a chance to try to bake a lavash  yourself. And this is an incredibly exciting process.

There is a souvenir shop near the bakery, in the courtyard of the restaurant complex. You can buy there exclusive souvenirs made ​​of ceramics, as well as handicrafts made ​​and painted by artists.


Address: 8 Marzpetuni 8 str., Garni village, Kotayk region, Armenia Telephone: +374 96 060470,+374 91 202757

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